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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hello my friends, how r u? ^_^
Ooooo watch this! *slaps self in the face* ....I didnt feel nothin! XDDDD I had to go to the dentist today...I had to get a filling so they numbed my mouth, gotta luv that novacane, feels so weird! XD But I also had to get my last baby tooth pulled T.T I thought it was going to hurt but I didnt feel anything (again, gotta luv that novacane XD) Ahhhh I feels so giddy for some reason...maybe its becasue it thunderstorming outside? (Yay thunderstorms!!) But grrrr tho, cause today is my least favorite holiday, yup I HATE April Fools Day >__< so irritating...

Hey, were is everyone??? Y have u all abandoned myO u traitors!?!? Heh, jk about the traitor thing, but seriously, come back ppl! Hardly anyone ever updates anymore T_T

p.s. While we were at the dentists office we found a crack pipe on the ground O_o

~Ja ne!

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