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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

   Hooollaaaa.... ^_^
Hola mis amigos, como estas?^^ (Hello my friends, how are u?^^) I'm taking Spanish...I dont know how to say much more than that yet.... XD I also dont know how to put accent marks and the little upside down question marks on words when I'm typing^^" Heh heh, schools been pretty boring lately (as it always is) but I got all A's on my last report card so...yay!^^

Ooooohhh yea, I have a WORLD thingy, its chokolatealkemist, just like here.^^

Hmmm...thats about all for now...my lifes pretty boring XD Oh, btw does anyone know how to change the caption under our Avis? The caption from my last one is still there and I cant change it...

~Ja ne!

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