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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

   Version Vibrant @___@
Version Vibrant is finally here! And I'm so confuzled! @__@ Heh, I guess its just because I'm not used it....but one thing really bothers me: it seems like theO and myO have become completely seperated =( Theres no link to myO's backroom from theO, and theO has a different (and confuzing) backroom! WTF? How is everyone (especially new members who dont know about myO) supposed to keep in touch? >_< They really need to fix that...And what exactly are these "worlds"? Are they supposed to be our sites now? ?__?

*sigh* Well, at least the submissions go a lot faster^^ It only took like...2 seconds to upload a new picture to fanart XD (as opposed to the old way, were it took hours -.-")


1. Its been a while since I last updated, how've u been?^^
2.How do u like version vibrant?

My Answers:
1. Pretty good I guess (It thunderstormed here last night! :D)
2. Hmmm...I like the way it was before, it was a lot less confuzing! :( But I guess I'll get used to it...

~Ja ne!

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