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Sunday, February 17, 2008

   I'm going to kill my computer, wanna watch? ^_^
5:36 p.m.
Grrrrr....now the school computers wont let me comment either!! It seems I'm doomed to never be able to comment again T_T I'm sorry I keep complaing about this but its really starting to depress me...But not to worry! I still visit ur sites whenever u update^^ And I still have hope in my computer here at home becoming fixed (which probably wont happen, but o well) hahahaha! =D *is suddenly in a good mood*

In other news: Last monday I went to get my drivers lisence! And failed!^^ Which really really SUCKED! ^_^ So since I'm off school tomorrow for presidents day (yay!) I'm going to try again, and pass this time!!! I hope! XD

In other other news: I'm sick. I dont feel bad, but my throat reeeaaalllyy hurts...stupid frickin sore throat!!! >__< lolz

Heres something random-- Ayame the fabulous!! XD

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