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Thursday, January 17, 2008

2 p.m.

Yay I'm out of school today cause I'm exempt from my english exam!! ^_^ Monday was my computer apps 1 exam, it was very easy (I was done in an hour and a half) and after we finished we got to get on the internet for 3 hours XD Tuesday was my art exam (which was even easier) but we couldnt get on the internet after that one cause theres only one computer in the room...so I had to sit and do nothing until it was time to go -_-" But I passed that one too^^ Wednesday...*shudders*...was my geometry exam...IT WAS MUCH HARDER THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE!! O_O It took me almost 4 hours to finish...I'm usually really good at geometry but that mofo was hard!! T-T I was worried about it all day, but my teacher called later and told me I got a 90 on it, so I passed! Yay! ^-^ So now 1st semester is officially over....

Hmmm...not really anything else going on...its been raining all day (yay!) and I'm in a pretty good mood...hmmm....

Kingdom Hearts Stupid Files ep. 6

Haha...L's just tryin to have some fun...

~Ja ne!

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