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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

   Its 2008.........joy.........

2008 is officially here (so no more xmas theme! >.<)

*yawns* I'm sleepy....just woke up at 4....I dont know how in the world I'm gonna get to sleep tonight. This is the last day of Xmas break T~T I DONT WANNA GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!! *sobs* I'm already back on my nocturnal schedule, I'm either going to be completely brain dead in the morning or reeeaaallllyyy hyper from lack of sleep =_=" O well, at least I get to see my friends again tommorow^^"

So how did ur new years eve go? Mine was pretty uneventful (as usuall), exept my dad bought some fireworks and we shot those off at midnight...hehe the only reason I like new years is cause I get to stay out till 1 in the morning with my friends and annoy my neighbors XD

Sorry I havent been online much lately, I've been able to get to some of ur sites today, but I'll try to get to the rest of them tonight or tommorow.^^"

Kingdom Hearts Stupid Files ep. 4 XD

P.S. I'm opening requests again...if anyone has something they want me to draw let me know.^^

~Ja ne!

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