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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Haha I only went to school 2 days this week XD.
Monday my family went to Raleigh to do some xmas shopping at Crabtree Valley Mall, it was fun.^^ Thursday morning I woke up feeling worse (I'm still sick) so my mom took me to the doctor....now I wish I woulda just gone to school cause the doctor gave me the most awfull, purple, grape-tasting JUNK I've ever had to treat my coughing T^T And I have to take anti-biotics for an ear infection I didn't even know I had.... -.-" I didnt go to school Friday....just cause I didnt want to XD (it was our last day before xmas break and a half day, so my mom didnt care) Yay!!! lol

Thursay night my dads family came over and we had a family get-together, that was fun.^^ Friday night my moms family came over and we had ANOTHER family get-together, but that was fun too.^^

Something really amazing happened a few days ago...my grandpa (on my dads side of the family) got a letter that was addressed to my grandma from her brother in Germany that she thought was dead, it was written in German so my dad had to get someone at his job to translate it...it was sad tho cause he doesnt kno that my grandma died six years ago...we've always known we had family in Germany, but this is the first time we've ever had contact with them; my dad said he wants to go meet them someday, I hope we can.

Well thats it for my busy week, so now I'm officially on xmas break, so I'll be able to be online more often.^^

Heres the Kingdom Hearts Stupid Files ep. 2

~Ja ne!

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