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Thursday, December 6, 2007

   Happy Time!
I've been in a really good mood the past 2 cause I havent had any homework, woot! XD Which means I have more time to be on theO tonight.^^ I might spend the night at my friend Maggies' house tommorow, so I may not be online...

Sunday was my mom and dads 30 year anniversery^^ (I'm sure I spelled that wrong -.-"), so to celebrate we went to the beach on saturday night and watched the Xmas boat parade. It was really cool (I woulda taken pics on the digital camera to show u all, but the memory card was full XP) all the boats decorated with lights on the water at night were really pretty.^^ (it was frikin cold tho! >.<)

I kno i said I wasnt gonna submit anything till i get my scanner at Xmas but...


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Heh...this is the first picture I've drawn in a really long time (I've had artists block T^T)...I usually wouldnt draw Naruto, but a friend of my sister asked me to draw this for him, so it gave me an excuse to draw again, and now I've been hit with insperation! XD
Things I may draw include:
*realist Itachi Uchiha
*Zero Kiryu
*me and my otaku friends! (ok I'll need ur help with this! If u have an OC, send me a link to a picture so I can see it (or if u have a pic of ur OC in ur portfolio tell me), and I'm gonna draw ur OC's with my OC Mizuki Kuro as a group pic^^ The more ppl that participate in this the more likely I am to draw it so...onnneeeegggaaaiiii? (plllleeeeaaaassseee?):3

As soon as I'm done with this post I'm changing to a Xmas theme.^^


1. R u gonna see The Golden Compass?
2. What do u want for Xmas?

Meh Answers!!!

1. YES! (or at least I hope so)
2. A SCANNER!!!! @__@ XD

~Ja ne! (sorry for such a long post^^")

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