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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Homework T^T
10 p.m.

*sigh* This was a 5 day weekend for me (I was out Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday because of thanxgiving)...so its been a perfect opportunity for me to catch up on the schoolwork I missed while I was in the mountains... but, er, unfortunately I'm the worlds biggest procrastinator...I just finished my computer spreadsheet things XP, but I havent even started on any of my other work T-T my art and litterature things I'm not so worried about cause they didnt have to be finished by tommorow, but my geometry does and I havent even started on it yet *sobs* CURSE MY LAZYNESS!!!!!!!

O yea, have u seen the news article on theOtaku's home page about that kid in Virginia that got suspended for having a Death Note? WTF?!? NBC had to go and make a big deal out of it too....so the guy wrote down the names of his classmates, BIG DEAL! It's just a notebook ppl, it doesnt really work! *sigh* I hate it when ppl make big issues out of stuff like that....what do u think, if u have no opinion thats ok, but I'd really like to know what u think about this.

~Ja ne!

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