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Thursday, November 8, 2007

8-ish a.m.

Posting at school....no time to do it at home^^"

I read Twilight for the first time this past weekend, now I'm obsessed with it @____@ I got all 3 of the books yesterday when I went to Books A Million (I've heard theres gonna be a 4th one, is that true? o.o), along with vol 1 of Vampire Knight^^

On Tuesday my uncle Dale came home from Kuwait(I dont think I spelled that right....) to visit for a week, but he had to go back cause thats were he's stationed in the war, this time he wont be back for a few years...It was fun for all of my dads family to get together tho, we dont do that often, I got to see some relatives I havent seen in a long time.^^

We're going to Gatlinburg, TN on vacation for a week on Sunday, I cant wait! Its my favorite trip of the year! XD Any of u live around there?

p.s. I've been visiting ur sites, I just havent had time to comment...sorry .__.

Ja ne! ^-^

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