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Monday, October 29, 2007

Parrrrrrty! XD

Well, Saturday was my B-day, and my B-day party at....CHUCK E. CHEESE!!! MWAHAHA!! I got a total of $260, 11 hours of Pokemon on DVD(classic Pokemon, yay!! XD) TONS of candy, and some other things that I cant remember right now^^" It was really fun.^^ I wish I couldve invited all of u, but sadly, that ish impossible T^T....lol

Heh....I think I'm gonna stop submitting art...at least until I get my scanner (my parents r FINALLY getting me 1)...bleh...I seems that the only pics that r being featured lately r the ones made on photoshop....ITS NOT ALL ABOUT PKOTOSHOP PPL! XP So here:


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Its Pride....probably the last thing I'm gonna submit for a while...

hmmmm....It's been a looonnnggg time since anyone PM'ed me....I've been forgotten?

O well....ja ne! ^-^

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