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Monday, October 8, 2007

At school...bored =P

Yola! How r u?^^
Heh...its nice to have a computer teacher that doesnt care too much if u get on the internet while u work ;P

I tryed to post last night but when I clicked 'add post' it said 'unauthorized access detected, please contact an administator' O_O Does the mean I've been hacked or somethin, or is it just a glitch ?_?

Homecoming week was fun, it awsome to b able to dress up (like a week of Halloween! XD) We won the game too, hooray! -^^-

This past weekend was pretty fun...Friday me and all my friends from my neighborhood went to my friends house, we played charades and had popcorn and....S'MORES!!! OMG I LUV S'MORES! XD
Satrurday was kinda boring...^^"
Yesterday me, my cousins, and some of my other friends went to Mr. Dons house and ate some pizza, yummy.^^ The guys all played football...it was funny to watch them fall XD

Well...I guess thats all for now...back tomy boring computer class XP...Later! ^^

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