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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Spirit Week ^-^

It spirit week at school, and every day we do something different up until the homecoming game on Friday

Monday: Favorite sports team (I didn't do anything for that cause I hate sorts XP)
Tuesday: Crazy hat/shades day....I wore a sombrero hat to school today....Some of the hats ppl had were hillarious XD
Wednessday: Crazy colors day....last year we had tacky day and everyone liked it, so tommorow everyone is gonna dress up reeeaallly tacky (me too! XD)
Thursday: Favorite cartoon character day.....my favorite! Unfortunately I dont own any cosplay outfits(T^T), so I'm gonna wear my vampire costume(the one for halloween this year^^)
Friday: School spirit day...we're supposed to wear school colors, but I don't have anything in school colors^^" We get out early because of the homecoming game(YAY), and as soon as the game is over we have the homecoming dance...I'm not going unless Aaron-kun wants me to go (which I doubt XD)

OMG watch these! They're adorible!

And now #2! ^-^

SO KAWAII!!! =^-^=

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