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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Here it is.^^

Ok, I promised I'd show u the picture I drew in my art class when I get it back, so here it is^^:


Hosted By theOtaku.com. It probably doesn't look EXACTLY like me, but I think thats about as close as I can get^^" Stupid camera...I can't see many of the details in the picture -.-'

My friend Aaron gave me sort of an odd note today, it said (in his very slopy, almost illegible handwriting): Hi Nikki i got bored so yea...Hiiiiiii. Oh if Daniel said anything about me it's a lie...maybe. Yea sorry I ain't called, been busy, I will tommorow for sure. K, bye!
...I'm confused @__@, I hadn't even talked to Daniel today, so I don't know what he ment...I asked him about itand told him that I hadn't talked to Daniel, and he said 'Oh...nevermind then...=O_O=' and wouldn't tell me anything else -_-' What do u think he means? @______@

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