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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hi! How r u?!^-^

I'm in an unusually happy mood today for some reason, yay!^^ This first week of school is going by very slowly though....go by faster darn it! >.< I have very little homework tonight, so I'm glad of that^^, and I had quite a fun time using Aaron as a punching/poking bag n english (I hate that class) XD *evil grin*
I'm writing a vimpire-ey story. Y? Cause vampires RULE! YAY! XD I drew this piccy of the two main characters:
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Thier names r Kitsune(the girl) and Masato(the vampire boy) This pic is on the back of my binder, I guess its pretty good cause alot of ppl at school thought it was...yay me! XD (alot of them thought Masato was a girl though @__@") I submitted a more edited pic to fanart a few mins ago, it should b in my portfolio soon, look at it there plzzzz^^

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