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Monday, August 27, 2007

First day T-T

Well folks my last day of summer has come and gone, today was my first day of school. I was kinda hyper all day because of the lack of sleep^^" My first and second period teachers were really cool, my third period teacher who I thought was really leniant about doing work(I had him last year too) had us working out of our math books already! O_O And my fourth period teacher seems like a real pain in the butt, she said that because we're n honors classes we're gonna have higher expectations and we're gonna do a ton of writing(not the fun kind either) -_-''' It was nice seeing my friends again though, Shelbie is in all of my classes, so I'm happy about that^^ Aaron sits beside me n english, which I'm also happy about because A: He's really goofy and he lets me draw on his hand when I get bored XD B: Enlish is the class that I said the teacher is a pain n the butt(I don't remember all my teachers names yet^^"), so it's nice to have someone to chat with -^-^- I'm not n any classes with my best friend Alicia though until next semester T-T
Now that I'm n school I won't b able to be on here quite as much, but I'll try....I'm usually here sometime between 9 and 11p.m. and maybe after school around 4p.m.(eastern time) so I hope I get to see u all.^^ Wish me good luck the rest of the week plz!^-^

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