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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

   Prettyful new site^^
My site got a make-over! Yay!^^ (The Next FLCL made the layout not me ^^") I really really like it.^^ There's only 4 friends on my friends list now, if ur names not there it's not because I don't like u anymore it's because there was only four spaces(sorry T^T), I'm gonna add the rest of u in the next few days.^^

In other news: Happy (late) Birthday Mom! Her birthday was Friday but we had her party on Thursday night, some of my relatives came...including my cousin Michael who happens to think anime is a complete waste of time and space XP...I let him play KH2, he thought that was ok...we get along pretty good most of the time, he's my next-door neighbor so we have to (otherwise we'd end up killing each other XD)

We went back to the beach this weekend, my friend Danniel(I think thats how u spell her name^^') was there until Sunday morning so I actually had someone to talk to, yay!^^ I watched the Persieds meteor shower there on Sunday night, it was really cool =) (did any of u see it?) Well, I think thats about all the interesting things thats happened to me since last time I updated, so later!^^

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