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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ooooo I have exactly 300 visits now yay!^^ Thanks to everyone who has been to my site *hugs*
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On Friday my mom woke me up and surprised me by taking us to the beach(in case u haven't notice we go there alot in the summer...)...I didn't think we were gonna go this weekend, it was pretty boring, no one was there. But it did thunderstorm there 2 nights in a row, the best one was on Saturday, lotsa thunder and lightning and it sounded like it was hailing, yay!!! I love thunderstorms...thats just the kind of bizzare girl I am XD.

I'm teaching my 10-year-old sister to draw anime^^ She copies everything I do, so she begged me to teach her....^-^" I'm actually impressed with how well she's doing, I'm gonna post her first successful pic here on my site. :)

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