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Thursday, June 14, 2007

   Where is everyone?
Seriously, where has everyone been lately? I haven't heard from hardly any of my friends here in the past week or so....I have been forgoten T-T...haha joking XD; I know now that alot of u r out of school, u have other things to do and other places to go...it's been realy boring at my house...*yawn*

I have been watching the series Blood+, I'm almost done watching it...just nine more episodes left to watch...WAH IT'S TOO SHORT!!! Y r all the really good series so short, Blood+ has 50 eps., FMA has 51 eps... it's like a cruel pattern... *sigh*

My chatbox isn't working, no one elses is either(at least thats how it is on my comp)...is urs not working either, or is it just my computer?

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