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Thursday, June 7, 2007

YAY I'M SOOOO HAPPY!! NO MORE SCHOOL FOR ALMOST 3 MONTHS!!!! WOOT!!!!!! *takes calming breath*...ok then, now that I got that out of my system, my last day was actually yesterday but I forgot to post it.^^'
...uhg it's HOT...feels like the gates of hell opened up over my house O_o...it's supposed to get up to 94 today and 97 tomorrow...I like the heat of summer but not when it's that hot(and humid)! My little sisters 5th grade graduation was today. Yay I m proud of her, she got 2 awards.=^^=
I drew this but I'm not sure I want to submit it...it's Pride disguised(did I spell that right?) as Edward, just some odd idea that popped into my head...it's ok but he doesn't realy look like Ed/Pride to me...T-T...something about it reminds me of Envy, but I'm not realy sure why...O_o

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