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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

   Many Random Things
Well....uh...were do I start!? OK, I'll start with something alot of people heard about today: the shooting at Virginia Tech. THAT WAS AWFULL!!!!! You'd think that people would have noticed that there was something was wrong with the guy...and the school SHOULD have locked down the school after the first shootings, that could have saved some lives! What is this world coming to?!? Any thoughts about this?
Sorry, that was kind of a rant...-_-'

Well in other news... I won't be able to upload anything for awhile *saddness* because my dads digital camera memory card is full and I can't upload any of my most recent pictures!>.< (I drew some good ones while I was in South Carolina) I'll have to wait until they get the pictures developed....

I've been feeling kinda weird lately...like I'm useless or something O_o Not realy sad, I've actually been quite happy lately^^...just useless...(or maybe that's just my laziness...)

Well thats all for now, I don't want to waste anymore of your time.^^ Bye 4 Now! ;p


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