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Monday, April 11, 2005

   I have returned!!!! ^.^/)
Sorry for leaving like that and not sayin nothin....but I got grounded off the computer. >.< I stayed on 4 mins. past my curfew and my dad caught me n wouldn't let me on for a while. N I probably won't be on that much 'cause I have like a ton of stuff for school and I'm gonna be startin my first job soon....so only on Fridays I'm gonna beable to update...not every Friday though...gomen nasaii

Okie...now for the banners I said that I would make....if anyone wanted one, i'm sorry but the program I had for that shut down. So I can't make any at the moment, maybe when I can get it back up and running.

N i've seen that the site has changed somewhat, like when you post a message they have like member or senior artist under your sn....can someone explain what thats about?

Well I must go now so...byes ^.^/)

Cho Hakkai

Oh so sezzy Gojyo :3

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