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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

   12:39 AM
I must really love u guys to stay up this long....in 2 days x.X;. But me made a new banner!!! ^.^ Thanx 2 jigglymonster who helped me with everything involving making it and then putting it on ^.^ Thankies again jigglymonster!!!

Ummmm....lets see....whats goin on?....O.O Holy shit....three more days until Christmas n still havent gotten my shopping done ;.;...me friends r gonna kill me....unless *grins at her creativity* me shall draw their fav bishonens ^.^ three presents down....now 4 my dad n bf...guys r so hard 2 shop 4 -.- me have no idea what to get them....well my bf needs a new walet o.o;; so theres his present...now dad..ummm...me have no idea....n me have no money ;.;....so there goes buyin him dbz stuff (hes obsessed) -.-;; this blows...hey if u guys have ne ideas 4 me tell me ^.^;;;

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