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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 02/16/05:
^^ Need I say more? Fweeeeeeee...

Result Posted on 02/16/05:
I nearly always get Seto! Either him, Joey or Yami Yugi...I got Yami bakura a few times though...depends how I'm feeling I spose...

Seto image
You are Seto. Now remember to visit
^^ quiz by Taryn

Which Yu-Gi-Oh character are you most like? (contains pics)
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Result Posted on 02/15/05:

What is a good quote for you? by grlinterupted
Say what??"You know what your problem is?-Your Stupid!"
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Result Posted on 02/15/05:
I'm always happy or cheerful or something like that...

YOUR ALIVE!! you ranked the highest. Your hardly
sad or depressed. You live life to the fullest.
Lifes perfect and happy for you and you make
everyone around you strong. Your a good friend
and perfect person. I bet lots of people want
to be like you.

what's your level in emotion? UPDATED agin!!!,GREAT PICS
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Result Posted on 02/15/05:
I don't hate Ryou :(

Your YuGiOh rival... by lynd
Your Rival..Bakura Ryou
How much you hate him/her: 83%
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Result Posted on 02/15/05:
Hmmm...these quizzes assosciate me highly with sporks...

What happens in your yugioh mary sue fic by white_rain
pen name
Millenium itemspork
how you save the dayyou use your power of DOOM
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Result Posted on 02/15/05:
I would never kill a spork!

Which Annoying Yugioh Character Will You Destroy? by Kaden Amano
Weapon of Choice:Knife
Annoying character to be destroyed:Pegasus Crawford
Did you get away with it?No
Years spent in prison:39
Who bailed you out?Marik Ishtar
Who you will destroy next:A spork
Partner in crime:Yami Bakura
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Result Posted on 02/15/05:
Not many people like me, do they? Not even the Kitties like me that much...

Your Personality
Favourite Colour
School Label
Current Mood
Do You Like Kitties?
You are this COOL... - 42%
You are this SMART... - 76%
You are this ADMIRED - 4%
You are this FUN to be around... - 74%
You are this EVIL... - 57%
This is the percentage of KITTIES in the world that love you... - 72%
This cool quiz by LiselleDeFontaine - Taken 40039 Times.
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Result Posted on 02/15/05:
Wow. I'm an alcoholic drink. Who would've thought...

How to make a Bethan
5 parts jealousy
5 parts ambition
5 parts empathy
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Top it off with a sprinkle of lustfulness and enjoy!

Result Posted on 12/21/04:
WAHOOO! I'm so glad I didn't end up as Yami Yugi...all of his freaky hand movements and his creepy deep voice scares me...

You are Yami Bakura!! You, like Yami Marik, are
also very EVIL! But of course, you have saved
people before. But only because they had
something that you wanted. You want many things
in life, and you will stop at nothing to get
them. But, hey! No big deal! You still look
really good, and you are also a great duelist!

Who's Yami Might You Be?
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