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Tuesday, August 29, 2006



Oh dear: it appears my school holidays are almost over. Iíve been off for about 5 weeks now, and it really does not feel like it. I go back to school on the sixth of September, which is actually later than usualÖ

My summer hasnít been a complete waste of time. Iíve redecorated my room, for a start: the only things that remain are to finish painting my wall mural and put up my nice big round mirror. Iíll have to put some pictures of that up, when itís finishedÖ

Iíve also learned to play golf, which is slightly odd. Itís actually very enjoyable, despite the fact that I get angry if something goes wrong (i.e. bending my dadís 7 iron club, which is technically my fault)Ö


Iím not looking forward to school that much. Itís not that I donít enjoy it, but after all the random stuff that happened last year with my friends and even my work, Iím dreading something similar happening this year. And as far as my schoolwork goes, this year is when the important stuff starts (i.e. the stuff that determines what kind of job I can get), and if I mess it up Iíve effectively messed up my entire life. I need to be a LOT more organised this yearÖ


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