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Monday, March 6, 2006

You know, I've never really measured it...

Hello there, my lovelies!
Yeah, that sounds weird, doesn’t it? Oh well, I’m in that sort of mood today…
Today has been pretty strange: first off, I got tricked into believing someone had broken their leg. I mean, I suppose I was being really stupid and gullible (you know, once someone caught me out with the “it’s been removed from the dictionary” one and the “it’s written on the wall up there” one in quick succession) for believing them; however they described all the symptoms right. My usual test for broken bones (when I can’t see the person claiming it: do bear in mind this whole thing happened on MSN) is to ask “Did it hurt?” Now, the average person looking for attention and sympathy will tell you it hurt like hell, and someone who thinks they may have broken a bone but is just being hypochondriac will tell you it just hurt (although having said that a true hypochondriac will know the symptoms of most injuries and illnesses). It is then that I know they are lying to me, as when people break their bones the body part in question goes numb and remain painless for a while (it’s a fright or flight thing: something to do with the brain releasing endorphins, but I won’t bore you all with my boffin-nes).

Anyway, the random guy told me his leg went numb after falling off a high wall. I started freaking out and getting all upset, then five minutes later he said “Actually, I’m fine.”

I just blocked him, and when I saw him a few hours later on the bus, I gave him a lecture on his behavior. He just laughed it off at first, but I started getting really angry, so he backed off.

Speaking of anger, I do have some major problems in that area: I had to have a rounders (equivalent to baseball, if you didn’t know) bat pulled out of my hand, as I was threatening to hit someone with it after they said I cheated -_-

Anyway, second weird thing today was when one of my friends cellotaped stationery to all my fingers. It looked pretty awesome. Actually, I’ll get her to do it again tomorrow and take a picture of it ^_^ Sorta looked like Edward Scissor hands, except with…eermmm…pencils ^_^*

In anime news, I’m off to Minami Con a week this Friday! I’m cosplaying as Kaiba (I’ll put up some pictures of it soon ^_^), complete with a half-decent Deck (containing all the blue eyes, of course). I’m trying to get my Mum to dress up as Mokuba, because I’m taller than her, she has practically the same hair as him and she even owns the right clothes! But she’s refusing. I suppose I could blackmail her for stealing and hiding my Cowboy Bebop the movie DVD for no reason…

Blah. I’ve got to get going: homework to do, plus I need to finish my HUGE watercolor pencil drawing/ painting ready for 900 hits, whenever it comes…

So yeah, bye!

P.S: For my birthday I got four sets of pencil crayons (two watercolor, two lovely wooden sets), a set of 10 pairs or multicolored chopsticks, plenty of Manga, Some CDs (Panic! At the disco and one by Dashboard Confessional, both of whom I love to pieces), Plushie making materials (for a Seto and a Jou plushie ^_^) and a lightbox ^_^

Oh yeah, and about the "subject" of this post: I found a recording of "The Bonk" (a.k.a THE most hated guy I know) talking to one of my Brother's friends on my brother's PDA computer thingy. I dread to think exactly what he was talking about though...

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