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Saturday, December 31, 2005

   I'm not tired ! *yawn*

Uggghh -_-

Hey. Hope everyone's having a nice holiday: I kinda missed Christmas (actually, I had typed up a lengthy post in word, which then decided to close down, taking my blog with it @_@), so I figured I'd try and make it for the new year...

…which here is in approximately three hours. Omigosh: only 3 hours of 2005 left! Thank goodness though; this has been one crappy year…

I mean, in some aspects it hasn’t: as far as school work and social life goes (for the first three quarters anyway), it has been pretty diabolical: despite that I won a commendation for my work that year (my cruddy grades were most likely averaged out to something less cruddy by the fact that I came top of the year in science @_@ and didn’t do too bad in art either…), and ended up befriending most of the school through my Otaku-ness. In the new school year I ended up also befriending the year two years below me in the boys school when I became one of only four girls to pass the auditions for the boy’s school play. Then there was this whole “after school special” style love triangle (which evolved into a pentagon by the climax) between a few of my friends. That really pissed me off…

Financially it’s been poop: I blew most of my cash on Cosplay materials, manga and music. Anime is eating away at my money!!!

Yeah: so let’s hope 2006 is better…

Happy new year everyone and good luck (we’re all gonna need it ^_^)!!

Luv C.c

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