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Saturday, December 3, 2005

   Yamate! Oshiri ga itai! (find out for yourself what it means ^_^)

Once again I have been released from the worlds of school, friends and family to make use of the computer. Despite now having two in the house, I'm finding it increasingly hard to get hold of one and keep it for more than half an hour without interruption…

Anyways, I’m here, so I might as well make use of the time I have…

Life in general is good: I’m doing pretty great as far as school goes, for once. I got a commendation (some weird prize thing three people from each class in a year group receive…) for coming top of the year in science (boo yah!). Actually, the girl who won the Maths one would have won that one too had the teacher not re-marked the tests: she had marked me down by about 5 and the other girl up by even more @_@

My new form tutor (guy who takes the register, keeps an eye on us in assemblies and what not) is horrid: I mean, for starters, he’s a male teacher in an all girl’s school. What are we, his form, supposed to do if we have a “girl” problem? We can’t go to him for help, can we? Also, he’s the least empathetic person I have ever had the misfortune of being late several times to. Despite continuous explanation that I cannot help it if the school bus turns up late, due to the fact it’s the only bus that I can get to school, and the fact that I live an hour away from the school, he still threatened me with late report and even denied the existence of such a bus. He’s an imbecile -_-

Plus, he has this weird “3 strikes: you’re out!” program: He keeps lists of our names, and circles people that misbehave, forget stuff or are just “wrong” in general. He has one for every day, and if you get three at any point, you get a phone call home and a detention where you work for him and (I quote) “He stands there perving on you while holding the thing you use to open high windows (big wooden stick with a metal hook on the end) like a staff and playing his scary monotonous classical music…”.

I just don’t like him -_-

He also threatened to pull me out of the school play because I was late to registration once, as a rehearsal ran over the end of the lunch hour. The play, by the way, went quite well. I was playing a librarian, which was one of only four girl parts, as the play mostly starred boys. Three of my friends got into the cast with me, but I ended up hanging around with all the little year 7 kids the whole time. I discovered that I actually posses the mind of a male 11/12 year old: I play the Yugioh TCG, I love Games consoles and will willingly argue my faithfulness to the PS2 AND Gameboy Colour, I like hacking things for fun (only my brother’s accounts ^_^*), I play rugby, I love Karate, I love football (soccer), I think Pop music is stupid (save J-pop) and my level of maturity is almost zero.

There was an awesome after cast party too with free drinks: I had a drinking contest with the year 7 kids and lost, but at this point I’d already had about five glasses of stuff to drink (nothing alcoholic: I’m a good girl ^_^) in the space of a minute, just to prove to them I could @_@

The rest of the night was filled with air guitaring, awful singing, dancing on tables, me watching the year 7 boys attacking each other while I sat, watched and ate cheese puffs and many more immature goings-on.

Hmmm…I’m being kicked off: what a surprise. Well, I’ll just quickly add that I’ll be putting up my Christmas theme soon, so keep on eye out…

Ta ta!


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