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Sunday, October 30, 2005

   Happy Halloween y'all!

I know it's a little early, but I'm not going to be able to update tomorrow as I'm hosting a party and I'm going to be preparing all day @_@

I'm also going to be out picking up my Mum's car which got locked in a car park @_@

Well, me and my mum were going to a concert (which was awesome, by the way ^^) and we were looking for parking. My Mum accidentally went in the exit of a car park, but it let her have a ticket for the night anyway O.o

Basically, when we came out of the concert three hours later, the doors to the car park were all lcoked and there was a big metal one over the exit. We ended up getting a taxi home v_v

So tomorrow I have to go pick the car up with her, re-decorate the house for my party (as my brother and his friends trashed all the hard work I did today x_x), and finally I have to cook all the food.

Speaking of food, I invented a cool dessert ^^

I'll take some pictures of the ones I make tomorrow, as I will be premiering them at my party and testing them on my friends.

Basically, It's pizza, but with cookies, chocolate, fruit and sweets. Cool, ne? Simple but effective ^^

The best version I came up with was a shortbread base with grated white chocolate cooked into the actual pastry, then grated white chocolate melted on top with some strawberries and marshmallows as topping.

Ooooh! Has anyone got a costume for halloween? I'm a werewolf this year ^^ I've got fangs and a tail and ears and nails and everything. I even ripped up a pair of jeans for authenticity of an actual attack. I shall also put pictures of me and my friends in costume up when I next update ^^

Finally, I've also started on my novel. It is still untitled as yet, but It's been under planning for months. It's a murder mystery with some forbidden romance thrown in. Quite gory, very sweary (lots of F and S words in the first six pages ^_^:;) and the best part is that the romance is between two guys, and they are Teacher and Pupil ^^ You gotta love the weirdness. Of course,they don't do anything naughty, and they stay just friends in the end. I think that could all change if I rite a sequel though...neyehehe...

Ta ta!


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