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Monday, October 24, 2005

   I hate Sofas...

Golly goshels, I'm here again.

Yeah: I've been pretty darn active over the last few days: I've made a new layout, I've been PMing like crazy and I've done another piece of CG-ed Seto randomness. Speaking of which, I'm amazed at how quickly people reacted to it...

I'm glad people like it: it took me about 6 hours in total, inking and coloring and doing the background and extra "details" inclusive.

Speaking of extra details, I've seen that two of the things I put in the background of that picture have been noticed: the pair of black and blue flame print converses, and the picture of Joey looking like O_O on the floor. I'm sure other peoples will have also noticed the fact that Seto-sama is aiming his gun (which was meant to be a revolver, but for those of you, like myself, who know better is more like a pistol) right at poor old bemused Jou-Kun. The final, and definitely most obvious thing, is that the background is actually a dungeon. All I did was add a table and chairs to make it more room-ish. If you look closely you can see some chains and various other things form the wall. Oddly enough, it appears that this dungeon is in mid-conversion, as there is a rather large sound system hanging from the ceiling...

Anyways, onto my new and improved site: The background was made entirely by me, as was the avatar. You like? Please let me know ^^

If you hadn't guessed, I'm going through a Yami x Yugi phase. This DOES NOT mean that I'm off Puppyshipping (it has been and ALWAYS will be my favorite pairing), but I have to say, the whole Yami x Yugi pure-ness is just too kawaii to resist!

Still, I've been going a bit crazy with some of my fan fictions (a small portion of which can be read on Fanfiction.net under the same Pen name as on MyO): One that I took down from FF.net a while back has evolved from a simple puppyshipping, to a tangled mess of one-sided prideshipping (Yami YugixSeto), a Darkshipping foursome (Yami Bakura x Yami Marik x Ryou Bakura x Marik Ishtar) and about a billion other Man-o-Man relationships, each with hugely complex, intertwining problems and difficulties and quirks. Man @_@ It's not only confusing to read, but dang near impossible to write without going back and checking things, even though I'm the authoress and I should know what's going on v_v

And now, we shall venture into the real world...

Last Friday my school broke up for the Half-Term break. I ended up missing the festivities of the last day though, because I woke up feeling like poop and couldn't go into school -_- I ended up spending the day doodling, reading and trying not to throw up. It was boring, but relaxing.

Apparently I didn't miss anything other than rehearsals for the school play (which is this really quite depressing play called "Kes": I recommend both the book and the film, just to let you know) I auditioned for and got in ^_^ Still, I'm only playing the librarian (which, oddly enough, despite it's smallness is a reasonably good female part and one that I actually wanted). I've already memorized my lines and practiced my accent, so I think I'm ready for the performance in three weeks time ^^

I think for the costume I'll be stuck in some manky old lady dress -_- Joy.

Speaking of costumes, my school has also started up a costume design club: I'm going; however you have to choose between designing and making, both of which I would like to try my hand at. I'm going with making, because I'm more of a hands-on person (a "Kinesthetic" learner, if you will), and Iím much better with a sewing machine than with my brain ^^;

My goodness O_O Today was quite interestingÖ

Things started off boring: the most exciting part of my morning was when I tried blow drying my hair with my head upside-down, which actually looked cool, despite its huge-ness and the fact that my fringe and previously thought to be non-existent layers flicked outwards and upwards.

That afternoon I went into the Town center with my family. My brother went off with some of his little friends to see the new Wallace and Gromit movie (which is meant to be awesome T_T Iím uber-jealous), and my parents and I went and had a meal at a cool American-style restaurant.

However, half way through her plate of Chicken and Cheese Nachos, my Mum got a phone call and went rushing out of the shop. My dad and I were both reasonably calm, as we had both figured it was probably just my little brother, who has a tendency to get over-excited and throw up; calling to say eh didnít feel very well.

ĎBout ten minutes later, when the plates were cleared (thank goodness: I kept picking at my Mumís discarded and O.T.T cheesy nachos) my Dad called up my Mum to find out what had happened.

Basically, my brother had been left lagging behind his friends on the escalator, and decided to catch up with them by running.

Surprise surprise: he tripped up and ripped three holes in his knee.

He had to go to Accident and emergency, but it wasnít too seriousÖ

The only problem is he canít go swimming, which is a bummer because in about twelve hourís Heíll be in Spain, along with me and the rest of my family, at our holiday home which just so happens to have a pool. Bleh XD

Well, Iím being kicked off so I can go pack for tomorrow!

Ta ta!


P.S: Woah O.o that was one HEC of a long postÖHope it wasnít too confusing ^^:;

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