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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Thank you everyone for your nice comments yesterday. My Mum appreciates it too. ^_^

She's feeling a lot better know. At least she's finally able to go out and buy some food and drink. We were out of out while Mum was unwell. Not to mention that I also caught her cold when I helped her the night, when she fell downstairs. There was a really bad one going around at the moment. It had me in my bed for 4 days. I planned to start updating on New Year's Day, but just updated yesterday instead. (I just thought I should mention)

I'm still recovering from the cold but it's starting to go away. What a relief! Although my nose seems to bleed now and again. I'm a little dehydrated from not drinking much in the 4 days I was ill. So I'll just keep drinking Pomegranate juice today. (Before you say anything. No, I do not drink Alcohol. lol)

Want to know what else happened? I fell down the stairs too. Twice! Just after New Years Day started! I think I'll get my slippers changed... Don't worry, I never got any injuries of any kind like my Mum did. I just fell down around 5 stairs each time. But it sure is annoying!

Well anyway, on to the more happy stuff. My Mum ended up getting a game for my Christmas that I already had. So she traded it in for Kingdom Hearts 2! YES! I've been wanting to play not for quite a while now! So far, I've enjoyed it. Although... Roxas' voice acting could have been a little better in my opinion...

One last thing! I just got hired to help a modding team for "Battle for Middle Earth 2: Rise of the Witch King". You know how you download patches for games on the computer? I'll be helping to making an unofficial one for it. The Electronic Arts team (The people who made the game) are taking too long to do it so we are doing it instead. We are making excellent progress! Sure, I don't get paid but I'm enjoying myself. ^_^

My Brother sent a parcel to get from America to here for Christmas. But for some reason, it STILL isn't here. What the heck are those postmen doing? It was sent using Priority Mail! It better get here soon...

Well I better go. I'm pretty busy today. But don't worry, I'll get to all those who updated today. ^_^

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