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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Well, time for this month's post on this site. If it weren't for my games, I'd update more often. I thought I should force myself to update before Christmas. I just know I'll be distracted for a long time. Thankfully, I managed to bore myself off of Company of Heroes. Who could have thought a lack of levels would be a good thing? lol. Well my plan for today is to stay on MyOtaku until I visit everyone. It's about time I got my act together. I've been thinking about visiting for a while.

But first, an update on my life. I finally managed to order my first ever DVD off the Internet. I got it from Amazon.co.uk to be exact. Those being Volumes 11 & 12 of Fullmetal Alchemist! It's just strange that I decided to start the collection there. That's because they have the episodes that Mum has reached in FMA. She's up to episode 44, "Hohenheim of Light". The quality of the videos I have on the computer are pretty bad. That's why I bought the DVDs instead. I'm excited about them coming. I know my brother, Michael will be reading this. Don't worry, I got the DVDs on NTSC. ^_^

I have to get the American DVDs since I'll be going to America soon. I know, I know... I said I'd go on September but the trip was cancelled. (Again...) It seems the new month we might go is on February. My hopes of that happening obviously aren't very high. So I can't make any promises.

You know what? I was thinking about what I'd dress up as if I went to an Anime convention. (Note that I'm not saying there is one coming soon) I suppose I'd like to wear a military uniform from Fullmetal Alchemist. I just think it looks pretty cool! That and the fact I don't have to do anything to my hair in order to look like certain characters. That should make things nice and easy for me. lol.

For those who don't know what it looks like, here's a picture of it. I saw it on Ebay.

I hope to get this outfit eventually and make a few minor adjustments. But if anyone has seen a better version of it, please let me know. Thanks. ^_^

Oh aye, I almost forgot! I posted a video of Metal Gear Solid 3 in my last post and said I'd post another one. Here it is!

It's my Brother's Birthday tomorrow. He's going to be 26! Whoa, It's just starting to dawn on me how much older my Brother is than me. I'm only 18! O_O

One last thing. I was sent Christmas cards! I got one from Sesslover18 and Banzaiinu1! Thanks guys! ^^_^

(The funny thing is, I apoligised to Sesslover18 for replying late, but I just realised it was sent today. Whoops! lol.)

I better go now. I'll be sure to comment on all of your sites as quickly as I can. I'm in between tasks at the moment. I'm teaching people in the Company of Heroes forum on how to fix a major bug in the game. I hope it won't take to long...

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hey everyone. I'm doing okay at the moment. Right now, Me and CuteKilala are just waiting for Mum to get home so that we can watch FMA together. It's great to watch another Anime with her. Especially one like FMA. We are now on Episode 25. That's right, the episode called, "Words of Farewell". What a sad episode that is. Problem is, I tried to watch that episode with Mum a couple of days ago. But thanks to Me and CuteKilala, we confused the heck out of her trying to explain what was happening. (We were both talking at the same time) She was confused to the point where she thought Hughes getting shot was a flashback! Heck, she even had no idea who's funeral it was at the end! >_<

Well she suggested to us that we should watch the episode again so that she can understand it better. So that's what we'll do. We will also have to keep our mouths shut and let Mum figure everything out for herself.

Want to know something? Me and CuteKilala were talking about how some scenes in Anime are really violent. Mum walked in when we were talking about that scene with Gluttony and Wrath in the movie. Mum then asked us, "How violent can animated shows be?" That was all before she watched any Anime with violence in it. Now she knows after watching FMA. Remember the scene where Hughes slit Envy's throat? Mum yelled at us for not warning her that was coming. lol. ^^'

I've been browsing through the Internet to look at a few things. It seems the expansion pack for "Battle for Middle Earth 2" has just came out in America. It's just too bad I have to wait until Christmas for mine. lol. Oh well, modding the original has kept me going this long, didn't it?

I've also came across a play list that can be hot linked on to other sites. Look at this. It's a list of several FMA songs. Just double-click a song to listen to it. It's even got the English version of "Brothers" in the list. ^_^

I was going through Youtube and I came across HILARIOUS parodies of "Metal Gear Solid 3"! They used to only be in Japanese, but now they have been translated into English due to popular demand. If you have played and completed Metal Gear Solid 3, check this video out. I couldn't stop laughing when I first saw it. It might even be funny for those who haven't played the game. lol. ^_^

In the original game, that tank AKA "Shagohod", just crashed through the plane. How unexpected was that? lol!

Oh! Before I forget, I was sent a chain letter yesterday. I won't say by who though. I have nothing against the person in question. But please don't send me any more.

It's these kind of letters that try to guilt you into forwarding them. Which explain why it was forwarded to me. I won't give in. I don't have to prove I'm a friend just by forwarding a chain letter. So what if I get bad luck for breaking the chain? That won't be anything new to me. lol.

Well that's it for now. I'll add another video to my next post. See you later! ^_^

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

   My Love For FMA Is Reborn!

Hey everyone! How are you all today? I feel great! You will never guess what I did today. To keep you guys guessing, I'll tell you later on in the post. lol.

During my absence, I have done nothing but play computer games. Which can be good... But It's not like I can talk about it on here. I can't picture anyone here that plays Company of Heroes. ^^'

I eventually felt the urge to do something else, so I went Anime hunting again. While doing so, I remembered seeing a piece of news that the FMA Movie came out in America. So I decided to look for it on a Bittorrent site and I found out. I finally had something to do. YAY! I can say that I really enjoyed it. It was so worth the wait. ^_^

Me and CuteKilala wanted to wait until came out in English. After all, it is the superior dub in my opinion. It's too bad the one I downloaded had below average sound quality. But it's only with the loud sounds like explosions. Quieter sounds were fine.

But I'll admit that there was one scene which was kinda hard to watch. It looked so painful. You know, the final scene with Wrath and Gluttony? I really felt sorry for him there. It made me feel all shaky inside, not knowing what will happen next. Whereas CuteKilala was probably more nervous than me. She was actually shaking all over while trying to hold in a scream. lol. I can't blame her though. I think it's because I had the sound on loud, where you could hear every single noise. ^^'

I was really surprised by the other Maes Hughes. I won't say what it is, just incase I ruin it for someone. Well at least nothing happened to him.

I was going to post screenshots of the movie but CuteKilala advised me not too. I have no idea how many of you have actually seen the film. I don't want to ruin anything for anyone after all.

Well after watching the movie, I got into the FMA mood again. So to satisfy my thirst for more, I decided to get my Mum to start watching it with me and CuteKilala. She's really enjoying so far. So I'm happy about that. ^_^

She was very shocked and surprised with what happened in episode 7. Which I'm sure we all were. The death of Nina. My Mum usually has the believe that anything animated aren't usually as serious as that was. After watching it, she was saying to me how she can't get over a "Cartoon" being as sad as that.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well it is an Anime after all. But then again, I don't think there's a much sadder scene. Well... I suppose the end of episode 25 is an even match. She said it was a good episode though. She just doesn't want to get that sad again too soon.

Too bad she never got her wish. When Ed was depressed at the end of episode 8, she got teary-eyed there too. I'll admit it was quite an emotional scene. Especially when he said, "Cause we're not gods! We're humans. Tiny, insignificant humans... who couldn't even save a little girl."

Okay, time to tell you guys what I did. I sent an email to Vic Mignogna! That's right, the man behind the voice of Edward Elric! I told him I was emailing from Scotland and that I got my Mum started of FMA. Plus I told him that he really did an amazing job with those scenes. I also wanted to ask him about how he felt about doing the scenes I was just talking about there. He actually replied a couple of hours later!!! O_O

Here's the reply I got:

hi Robert!

Thanks for your Email. Scotland huh? Cool! I would love to see your part of the world!

I'm so glad you are enjoying Fullmetal Alchemist. You mentioned some of my favorite scenes! They were so emotional... I loved recording them. Those deep and intense scenes were my favorite ones iin the whole series to do.

Tell your mum I said hi and I hope she is enjoying FMA too! Thanks again!


Pretty cool, huh? It really made my day! I better email him back and tell him thanks. I'm going to go visit everyone now. ^_^

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hi everyone. I would like to start off by saying "Happy Hallowe'en"! I was determined to update today because it's a special day after all. I hope you all enjoy yourselves. ^_^

As for me, things aren't off to a good start... I was waiting for CuteKilala to get off the computer this morning since she was finishing off visiting people. Then when I got on, the keyboard stopped working. Strangely enough, it was working just fine before CuteKilala got off... Well anyway, I no longer have a decent keyboard to type with... >_<

So right now, I'm using an electronic keyboard. Which is basically a keyboard on the screen. So I'm clicking in every letter. It may take me quite a while to visit everyone. But I'm not going to let this problem stop me. ^_^

So, what am I doing this Hallowe'en? I'm going to visit everyone today and maybe modify my games. Plus I'll be watching Anime inbetween. As for the trick or treaters, we won't have to worry about them. They never come to our flat (apartment building) anyway. Not that there's anything wrong with it. Even if they do, we aren't answering. Since we don't have any treats. Plus you just never know who it might be. I'd hate to answer the door to that nosey little brat that lives a floor below us. *shudders*

But then again, there seems to be a death threat written on the front door of the building. It looks like one of the residents is in for a terrifying Hallowe'en. Mum told me about it this morning. So while I was writing, I decided to go down to see what it says. Here's a quote.

"(Name scribbled out), you're getting it for grassing on Mick. F***ing P*ick!"

"Grassing" is slang for reporting or telling on someone. Who knows? Something might happen that will be sure to keep trick or treaters away. Although, I would hate for something to happen. Hopefully, the guy will be alright. Now I have all the more reason not to answer the door. O_O

Sorry I couldn't do anything special for this post... This keyboard is making things take too long to do. Hopefully, I'll still be able to write decent sized comments on everyone's site. See you all later!

EDIT: It's Sesslover18's Birthday today. I don't know a lot of people who has their Birthday on Hallowe'en. Happy Birthday, Samantha! I hope you have a great time today. ^_^

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oh how I have failed... I told myself that I would visit everyone everyday. But thanks to reasons that may already be known, I have been unable. I'm sorry. Well I plan on visiting today, so that's good. There's nothing to distract me today.

Well there were a few things other than playing games that has happened for me this week. You guys know how I like "Ah! My Goddess", right? Well Season 2 just ended there at 22 episodes instead of 24... Well anyway, I enjoyed most of this season. But if it weren't for Peorth, it would have been great. The interesting thing is, there were quite a few episodes that were actually Anime originals. It's good to finally not have everything be so predictable. Well there's going to be 2 OVA episodes coming out on Febuary 2007. I hope the fansubbers will translate them...

On a related note, I just finished watching Season 1 with CuteKilala. I think there's a new fan of the show now! YAY! She really enjoyed watching it. She finally has a favourite character. Skuld. She refused to tell me who she likes best before watching the whole season, but I think she likes all of them. Except Aoshima. He is one of the villains in the show. Maybe not the kind that tries to kill people, but he's an arrogant, rich guy that tried to force Belldandy and Adult Skuld (At separate times) to stay in a hotel overnight with him. Which of course, fails painfully for him. Literally. lol.

So that means everyone in my house likes Ah! My Goddess. That makes me happy. No more will I have to wait until everyone goes to sleep before I can watch it. CuteKilala asked me if I could post a few screenshots of the show, so here we go. ^_^

This is a screenshot of a scene CuteKilala liked with Urd laughing like a maniac, blowing up the "Lord of Terror" with Skuld's bombs. lol. Skuld is the character to the right. They are both sisters of Belldandy's.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This is a screenshot of the Lord of Terror, inside Keiichi. Keiichi doesn't normally look like this, he turned out this way after he was possessed. I found it interesting that he was given an unusual accent (A mix between British and American) in the English version. Plus he did make some of his lines pretty funny with the way he said them. So I think I like both his English and Japanese performance.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I had some more, but this will be enough for now.

Me and CuteKilala also finished watching an episode of Inuyasha, where Master Mushin was "going to die". Well me and CuteKilala enjoyed Inuyasha as usual. Now we are just waiting for the next batch of Dual Audio formats to come out. Which may take months... T_T

Well that's me not going to have any Anime to watch for a while. Unless of course I go hunting for more. But first, I'll have to clear out my Hard Drive. It's going to be hard considering I have no DVD discs at the moment. Oh well. There's always Youtube, isn't there? ^_^

I haven't done much else apart from all that. But I enjoyed myself regardless. I'm going to visit all of you now.

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Monday, October 9, 2006

   An Update For You All

I just thought I should update to tell you guys what I was doing. My Mum got me some rented games for the past few days. So that's been stopping me from visiting for that time. I'm sorry about that. I always feel pressured to stay on the games the whole time when they are rented. Well I managed to complete THREE games in under a week. YAY!

Those three games are...

Ace Combat: The Belken War (Completed in 2 days)
Ace Combat: The Unsung War (Completed in 2 days)
Disney's Haunted Mansion (Completed in 1 day)

When I'm under pressure, I complete games REALLY fast! lol. Well anyway, that's what I've been doing the whole time. I've enjoyed playing them all. Here's a question for you guys.

"Do any of you play flying games?"

I just LOVE them! You get all that freedom of movement and get to take part in "Dog Fights", which means fighting other Fighter Jets in the air.

Well anyway. Me and CuteKilala are going to watch Inuyasha today. They are the episodes called "The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru". I heard that those episodes are supposed to be pretty good. I can't wait! ^_^

I also got to watch the first episode of the third season of "Lost". I really enjoyed that too. Especially the part where Sawyer was in a cage, trying to figure out the machine inside. lol. I was planning to make a clip, but I decided not to ruin anything for anyone.

Now for some screenshots of Inuyasha. Now here's something I'd never thought I'd see in a million years. lol.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I know the real reasons behind the situation in this screenshot, but you could say that Sango took a step up from slapping him. lol.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Wow, what do you know? I managed to slip in another update!

I was asked yesterday if there is something going on in my life that could be upseting me. Not really. I'm just bored out of my head... Thanks for caring though. ^_^

What have I done since yesterday? Well... Me and CuteKilala were supposed to watch Inuyasha yesterday, but since Mum won't really give us peace, we decided to wait for another day. Although it wasn't all that bad at all... We did get a good laugh with a few comedies on TV.

My Mum is going to a Genealogy Class now. It's a class that teaches people on how to trace their family roots. I find it really strange to be honest. At first, it was me that was going out the door to go to school, with my Mum staying at home. But now... I'm waving my Mum out the door, wishing her good luck for her class! lol. Does anyone else have parents that take some sort of class?

Another thing that happened last week, is that we lost our Internet access. "You never really know how important something is to you until you lose it." Ain't that the truth? All I could do all day was play my "Battle for Middle Earth 2" over and over. I just got pretty bored after a while. I am just so used to going on the Internet between levels. It's my only access to the outside world. If things stayed that way... I would have snapped! O_O

Well as you can tell, we got back on the Internet again. But now CuteKilala and Mum are hooked on Solitaire. They started playing it since the Internet was off, but having it back on doesn't seem to stop them. lol. If you ask me, it looks like a very boring game. CuteKilala has no right to complain about my game if she thinks THAT is exciting! At least there's large armies fighting and besieged fortresses on the screen in my game. But what does Solitaire have to offer? Random playings cards with fake-looking fireworks... -_-'

Oh! Did anyone else hear about New Line Cinema wanting to make a movie based on "The Hobbit"? It's going to be a prequel to the "Lord of the Rings" films. I heard Ian McKellen wants to reprise his role as Gandalf. I can't wait to see that! ^_^

Well anyway, I better get going now. I'm supposed to wake CuteKilala up to watch Inuyasha. See you all later!

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

How is it going for you all? I'm okay, I guess...

I just downloaded 9 more episodes of Inuyasha! That's episodes 124-135! Finally, I have something to do today. Although CuteKilala is sleeping at the moment, so I can't watch it until she wakes up... I'll probably get to watch it with her at... 9am MyOtaku time.

A new patch came out for "Battle for Middle Earth 2", so I installed that a few days ago. I'll admit the game has been made a lot more balanced. However... the designers completely ignored the fact that their changes are messing up the animation for some soldiers. Like Elrond dealing damage to an Orc before before his attack animation could even finish. Resulting in the Orc getting killed BEFORE Elrond could even swing his sword.

Another thing they messed up on was Eowyn. They made her capable of attacking TOO fast! Her attack animation looks like it's on fast forward. Do the game designers even care about how the game looks anymore? Well I fixed those things. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to re-programing a game. lol. I've still got a lot of fixing to do though, it's a mess...

Well my Mum got me a second hand game yesterday. It's "Goldeneye: Rouge Agent". The game shop owner told my Mum that it was good and them she bought it. I beg to differ... To be honest, I think it was pretty boring. The game shop owner said I could help James Bond if I wanted to. I'm more than 50% through the game and never got the opportunity. The main character in the game got kicked out of the MI6 for his brutality and joined "Goldfinger" to help him rule the world. I'm no villain, so I feel out of place playing it. That's all there is to the story really. There's no character development or anything! Just a generic First Person Shooter. I'm going to ask Mum to take it back and swap for a different game. I'm going to to finish first though, because I don't like leaving a game unfinished. Luckly, the game shop has a 9 day return policy.

I won't say anything else. After all, not many people are going to online today since it's Sunday. I'm going to to visit those who actually DID update and leave the rest for tomorrow. See you all later!

P.S. I don't have any ideas on what to change my theme into yet. But I'm glad some of you still like the one I have already. Thanks. ^_^

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Okay, now for a long overdue update. I know, it's been a while.

I'm sure a lot of you were remembering 9/11, huh? Aye, what happened on that day was terrible. But you all know that anyway, so there's no need to go into details. Let's just hope Al Qaeda and any other group that were involved in the attacks get what's coming to them, eh?

Speaking of September, we were meant to go to America this month. As you can guess, we didn't. Ever since that alleged attempted attack on the airlines, the laws changed. That's kinda putting us off of going. I hate the idea of only bringing one small bag on the plane with me. I also heard that a lot of luggage is getting lost since the new law came into force... It's just too risky in my opinion. If the laws get loosened, we'll consider going again.

Moving on. So what happened while I was gone? Let me think... I have been watching videos on "YouTube" while I was bored. I then decided to give "Samurai Champloo" a chance, since I saw it in some favourite anime lists that you guys have. It's quite action-packed, I'll tell you that! Although... I hated the fansubs. I think it was "AnimeKraze" that did them. They put in unnecessary swearing in the subtitles, even if the characters weren't swearing in reality. Oh well, that's the fansubber's decision. I've only watched 2 episodes. Unless the translation gets better, I won't be watching anymore.

CuteKilala might have mentioned this already, but we FINALLY got to see new episodes of Inuyasha. Now we got to see what happened to Bankotsu. I know, I know... We are way behind... AnimeHQ takes way too long to release more episodes.

Last night, before I went to sleep, I saw a wee white spider hanging about my ceiling light shade. Well anyway, I killed it and went to sleep, just to get a dream that the house was filled with cobwebs, extending through the middle of the room. Each with a spider on it. Did that spider I killed put a curse on me? Let's hope not. But if the spider didn't curse me, "Magnus Lensherr" will after reading this. lol. ^^

Okay, so I don't have much to talk about. But once I go to America or get outside the 1 mile radius I've been restricted to stay in, I'll have much more to say. I'm not kidding! I don't even get to go to the shops! It's been like that for as long as I remember. No... We aren't in prison, even though we might as well be... That's why me and CuteKilala don't update much anymore. But trust me, we have no plans on leaving MyOtaku. So please bear with us and don't delete us off your lists. lol. We'll make our comeback... Eventually.

Once things get better, I'll change my theme around a little. You see, my theme symbolises my life. It never changes. lol. I think it'll be appropriate to change it once my life changes. Nobody knows when that day will come, but it will. I'm sure of it! ^_^

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

I Have Returned! (Hopefully...)

Okay, long time no see. I hope you are all doing well. I'm afraid not that much is happening, worthy to mention in my life. Hopefully, that will change, because I have no plans on leaving MyOtaku. However, don't say welcome back quite yet, because the future is never certain on whether or not I'll be updating a lot after this post. I hope I haven't been removed from any anyone's Friends List or something like that.

Well I'm still working on modifying my game as usual. Trying new things and stuff like that. If I were to ever start a games programming course, I'm sure I'll do VERY well in it! lol. ^_^

Want an example of what I did? I changed a "Skin" on one of the Heroes in the "Battle for Middle Earth 2". I thought Haldir (The one who lead the Elves during the Battle of Helm's Deep) had an appalling skin, so I changed it. He's a screenshot of how he looked before I changed him.

Screenshot 1

I apologize for the horrible green colour. It's the "Team Colour", so if I turn that off, it'll look better. Well Haldir is to the left of that shot. Pretty bad looking, huh? The guy to the right would be Thranduil, people who read the book would know him as Legolas's Dad.

Now for the new skin I found in the data files that the game designers never used.

Screenshot 2

Here's one where I turned the team colours off. ^_^

Screenshot 3

He looks better, doesn't he? I was proud of myself when I changed it. Normally, it takes a program that costs hundreds of dollars to change a skin. But I fooled the computer into thinking the new skin is the old one. By giving the new skin the exact same name as the old one. Haha. I wonder why the game designers never used it?

Well I don't know if my Brother knows this, but "Stargate SG-1" is getting cancelled. I must say that I wasn't happy hearing about this at all... I'm sure Michael wouldn't either. I wonder why it's getting canceled though? The show was going so well! 215 Episodes are made so far.

I'm, afraid I haven't managed to get back to Naruto yet. Me and CuteKilala have only seen up to episode 2 so far. I really hated the quality of the episodes I was downloading, so I'm waiting for better quality ones to appear before I download them again.

I saw something very funny yesterday, no wait, two things! It was another day of feeding the ducks and swans. While Mum was taking bread out of the bag to give to the swans, a really big one manage to sneak up on her and it's head was a couple of inches away from her hands, which her a big fright. It also startled the swans and it hissed at her. lol. ^_^

The next thing that happened was that while the swan had a LOT of bread still in it's mouth, a dog came along and sniffed around the swans. While this would make a swan hiss, it couldn't because of all the bread in it's mouth. lol. So it was shaking it's head around like crazy, trying to force out a hiss. It eventually managed to do so, while spitting bread crumbs at the dog at the same time. The dog never reacted. It just turned around to us, looking quite happy. lol. ^_^

I better visit you guys now. Hopefully, the error that's been kicking me and CuteKilala off of MyOtaku is gone. I haven't been able to visit people on my shot of the computer. Me and CuteKilala are very sorry about it. I hope this works. Fingers crossed!

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