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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Injections MMR
Injections day, How I have been looking forward to ye...lol. Well, it wasn't that bad, had my MMR injections (Thats Mumps, Measels and Rubella for eveyone who dosn't know) it dosn't seem to have gone off too well, and hopefully now I am now immunised.

Not much else to say really, waiting for my Ghost In The Shell DVD to come through, should be here sometime this month, I hope it is soon, I really want to see it :)

Nothing else to say really, I am bored here, nothing majorly going on, I have my friends at least still, which is good. I will talk to you all later

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Monday, August 8, 2005

Things can only get better?
My entire week seems to have gotten off to the same start as others, nothing different, lol.

Typical of holidays, when they comea round you wish you were at school, ah well, I will have to find a job, at least it will give me something to do with my time rather than just sit around here all day, maybe I can try Morrisons (A Local Supermalret) at some point?

Well, other than that going on I have just been with friends and doing some work at points, most of it out the way now, so that is good. My birthday is now less than a Month away, it wwill be my 18th, I wonder what is going to happen. my bro was apparantly planning something, but I am not sure at the moment.

Well, I iwll learn closer the time, nay? See what happens

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Saturday, August 6, 2005

lol, sorry for the length it took to up-date, I havn't had the ime, neen staying out at my friends the past few days.

Not much has happened thought that would be worthy mentioning, I finished Dan Browns 'Angels and Demons' it was a really good book, and I do mean good, I would reccomend anyone to read it, next, which I am reading now is 'Da Vinci Code'

When I went to Lazer Quest I came 2nd in the first game and 1st in the next ( I also got the day high score, YAY.

Nothing else has really happened, my friend bo8ught a set of Japanese Katanas, pretty cool, they are blunt at the end 9But what else do you expect) but, they do look pretty nice, and only 50, a good buy

Well, I am going to run, so I will talk to you later

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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Lazer Quest
I am looking forward to tommorow, my first mentionabale activitiy is finally taking place, I am going to LazerQuest in nearby Hudderfield, should be a good time, I ma looking forward to it.

One thing I didn't look forward to last night was talking to James, we were talking about hi coming over here, and I must have been in a really overly depressed mood, as I totallyput a bumme ron it, I am just worried what will happen when he does come over here....

Well, apoart from that day as usual, I did some moding to my Yu-Gi-Oh deck, but that was about the hight of my day, nothing else happened.

Well, must run, talk later

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Monday, August 1, 2005

The Boredom is supreme
I am so bored, but I did do something intresting yesterday, I read a book by Dan Brown (Well half way through it) called 'Angels and Demons' and what a book it is, I have never read anything so deep and shrouded in my life, it is a really good read. It deals with the Illuminati and the Catholic Church, I would reccomend anyone to watch it.

Well, thats all I have to say today, I need to do some forms if I want EMA next year, Ciao

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Not Much to add
Not much actually to say today, went into town yesterday and got some Yu-Gi-Oh Cards, my friends got two games, Devil May Cry 3 and Sonic Adventure, I am going to go up later see what they are like, I would have last night but I was so tired and wanted to go to bed.

Not much planned otherwise today, I might see if I can get on with a tad of work later on but thats for later, beore then I need to relax a little bit, lol, no idea why, I think my sister has wound me up slightly.

Well, watching Stargate SG-1, so talk to you later

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Friday, July 29, 2005

Heavy Rain!
I was walking into town and back yesterday, and you would never guess it, it rained the hardest throughout the day. God I was wet from head to toe, every part of me was wet.

Well, at least we got back alive, which was a good thinbg, although I have gotta walk in again today, but I should think it will be alot drier today, it is so far, hasn't rained today. Although I am worried, a Tornado in Birmingham! God, crazy weather.

Well, my net is working anyway, we had a few billing problems, but they seem solved, so thats all ok now, which I am glad about. I will talk to you all alter anyway, must run

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sorry about yesterday, I didn't really come back till ate and when I did it was too latte to up-date anyway -_-

Well, not much happened to me yesterday, spent alot of my day at my friends house. I did get some Paint on my coat though, I got the vbulk of it off, but since Turps had been used on it I had to wash it quickly or else it would corrode my jacket (My Kiba one too :() Well, the only problem is that it is dry clean only, so it was a risk, but it seems to have come out ok, thank god.

Not much else happened, I am waiting to see if I can get my EMA tommorow, I hope I can, if not I am going to be so bored :( So, I will let you know tommorow (If I am lucky I may have it today)

Well, I better run, so talk to you later

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Boredom sets in
I cannot believe it, I am only a few days into the holidays and I am already bored -_- not a goood sign really ig I have so long left to go.

Had an intresting event last night, some prank caller to my mobile pretneding to be the person from 'scream'. I mean, how immature is that, if there going to try and scare me, be original. Ah well, not much I can do about it, but laugh at them.

I am thinking I might start anothergame on Star Ocean, I seem to have the spare time on my hands, so I could easilly do it. I might give it a go.

Well, I am gonna run, so I will talk to you later

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Family -_-
Why does my family always have to be so annoying about things -_- I swear they are either going to be the death of me, or are going to send me insane.

*sigh* I guess I am going to have to deal with them for the time being, but 7 weeks of it -_- I do not know how I am going to survive, not at all. Well, hopefully I can get something.

Well, I am going to sort my money poout for next year now, at this minute my mum is digging out the form for it. after all, I want money next year, I need it, lol. As well as a job I am going to get.

Well, thats about it, I will talk to you later :)

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