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Monday, September 25, 2006

An eyeliner story - Billy's cripled fingers
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Billy and you have just become man and wife and just as you pulled away from his warm kiss you began to get contractions.

Carry runs to the outside of the church, to get a reception so she can call the amblance.
Mean while inside billy, benji and joel sit you down at one of the pews. Billy's mother come up as well and so does joel and benji's.
Paul and Peter speak to the vicor.
Finally they hear the ambulance coming up to the church and Carry and two very good looking parametics come running in.

"Okay mam don't worry, everything will be alright. How many weeks until there orignal birth date?!"

Billy looks dumbfounded and looks at you.

"Don't look at me yo u should know this!" you say

"Ah......3 months?!"

"No thats not it, its 2.!" you repie

The parmetic looks amused.

"Okay lets get you to hospital.!"


You are put in a small white room, a midwife is asigned to you and billy and carry are to stay with you while peter, paul,benji,billy's mother and Mrs madden are to stay in the waiting area.

"I wonder how its going in there?!" Peter asks.

"I don't know. Maybe shes had them.!" joel turns to his lover then back to benji,"what do u think!"

"She wouldn't of had them yet dear we only got here.!" Mrs Madden says.

Carry comes rushing out of a room and over to them.

"How is she?!" Mrs martin asks.

"Shes fine, just contractions. The midwife says they should be here within the hour but shes having a tough time and billy dosn't know what to do."

"Poor Billy i had better go help." Mrs martin follows carry back into the room.

"Thats my hand ____ i need it to play guitar and draw and OWWWWW!" billy screechs as you grip his hand firmly.

"Im in pain." you replie

"So am I."

You give billy a stern look.

"Oh but pain is good for me i like pain squeeze away."

"Billy your mother wanted to come and help out."

"Mom! Thank god your here you can help."

"Do u need anything dear, ice an drink maybe."

"No im fine mom."

"Not you billy, _____. Well dear."

"No thank you Mrs martin.Im fine."

You take a deep breath as another contraction kicks in.

"This is going to be one long hour." billy mutters as his fingers almost break.

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