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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Ok, this week I went on a little road trip with my best friends Chase and Greg and visited. All of my good, good friends from school. We had a very eventful three days.

First, I went to go visit everyone and see how they were doing. We then went play laser tag, after the second game we all decided that we weren’t in good enough shape to play the game well… but then the other guys who were playing with us were jerks… because I had accidentally ran in to one of my team mates feel the ground. So, there I was all dazed and confused and they were just shooting at me because I was to dizzy to move… they didn’t even ask if I was ok. (which I wasn’t) …Jerks.

The next day we went to the zoo. This was great I had snappy… and Chase, Greg, the Twins (maybe just Buddha boy), and goat boy were all there. We actually managed to find the place with out getting directions. Chase knew the guy how trained the elephants and we almost got to go see them but there was a new trainee that day, but we did get to watch him feed the alligators sadly they weren’t very hungry. Otters are my new favorite mammal they are so cute and the look so graceful while swimming.

The highlight of the zoo visit was of course, “Sammy the What’s Up Cockatoo.” I hope to have pictures of him later. ^-^ I may even try to draw one are two. ^-^ … I just have to figure out bird anatomy.

After the Zoo we got ingredients for Pizza and I made pizza for everyone and we watched movies and talked and I got a lesson on how to draw T and A… from Nilla! But after all the excitement Chase got sick so everyone left….but it was pretty late at that point anyway.

By Wednesday everyone was very tired … we were going to go to the park and throw water balloons and stuff… but that didn’t really pan out because well to much physical activity is a bad thing, and well, are all very lazy people.

This pretty much the end of my fun Easter break!

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