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Saturday, March 25, 2006

A post !!! 'Bout time

Uh… Hi It’s been a while ….

I really don’t have an excuse. I was just to lazy to post. I didn’t feel like so I didn’t do it. Yes, I felt guilty as hell. Yes, I had stuff to say. Yes, I wanted to write them, but well I’ve found a new love and well I was playing with it. All I can do is ask for forgiveness.

Forgive me.

Anyway, the thing that I have been meaning to post for a while:

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St. Joseph Alter DAY!!!!!

It was a fun day to say the least. The table was very pretty. The food was great. I got there a 7 am and left at 7pm. Um, we made 2k dollar in donations and I was in charge of the music.

I made a kick ass cd.

Also I now have 1.5 gigs of music that I never had before.

I made one of the old lady cry because one of the songs I chose was her fathers favorite song and before he died he used to play it all the time.( I will note that this old lady was in the down with the music club before this song played. And just because it was loud. Well if I had a proper surround sound I would have had it low ever were but I only had two speakers woman I have to make due…. shesh.)

I got three cakes, a (large) fish, a bottle of wine, and other goodies.

I was given the job to be a cookie Nazi … and then after they realized that we had to many cookies I was told to be a cookie saint. ( I was a much better cookie saint.)

I’m sorry I was so depressed on the last post I was just feeling lame and stuff. ^-^ It happens sometimes. I thank all of you for cheering me up. ^-^

Events that have happened:

I feel off of my bike, with only minor injuries my thoughts as I was falling, “ I wish I was wearing a helmet.” And of course, “Remember to fall in a way that don’t hurt your head, break your neck, and just worry about everything else later.”

The next day I cut myself with a knife while I was cleaning it… lucky it was freshly sharpened (that isn’t really lucky) *sigh*

And today, I burnd my fingers but I think that they are ok now … they aren’t really hurting any more…. Or maybe they are numb, because I am typing with them.

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The Snappy Time!!

I now know what went wrong with snappy. … It was pretty much all me. I have asked around and I know what my mistakes were… so I hope everything works out with my next batch of film.

Bai bai

Oh wait lookie! I colored a picture!!! [b]I didn’t draw this picture[/b] I colored it… and did the inking…

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