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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Hello Again.

Sorry, I havenít posted in a while I really donít have an excuse or a reason for that matter. I just really havenít been feeling up to it or creative enough to do it.

Um, this week I have been preparing for the St. Joseph alter. It is a Catholic Italian- American tradition that my area celebrates. Basically, a group of families prepare a shit load of cookies and pastries to give out on St. Joseph Day, witch is this Friday. And there will be a Red Sauce (because actually giving it a name would be incorrect, because Iím not really sure what it is called, and saying marinara isnít correct.) That will be served over spaghetti. The sauce has an unusual ingredient eggs. Yes, thatís right. Because it is lent you canít have a meat sauce because it is a time of fasting (er, well that isnít exactly true, because St. Josephís Day is a feast day, which trumps the Lent card so you can actually just party like to tomorrow, and other people do, but the Italian celebration is for giving thanks to St. Joseph because he was able to save the people from Sicily from the terrible drought they had many years ago). So, the protein used is always eggs (for this holiday).

Anyway, my hands are a pretty shade of purple and that is always fun. And Iíve painted more cookies than I would likeÖ

Oh, I got a new toy, it is called, Snappy. Everyone say hello to Snappy!

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Snappy, is a Cannon AE-1 camera. He takes lovely pictures of trees, people, and other artsy things. Iíll put up some pictures here as soon as I can. ^-^ That is if they look pretty. Hopes she used Snappy correctly.

Oh, I have a great story about my first role of film. I totally ruined it. I took a whole bunch of pictures and when I finished the role I went to roll the film in the canisterÖ yeah I broke that roll, because I had no idea what I was doing. I knew that it shouldnít have been making the, ďNo, I donít want to go back into the film canisterĒ noise, but I pushed it anyway. And I tore the film and it was all ended up getting exposed. It wasnít my shinning moment in photography. Anyway, I hope my second set came out well and ok.

Well, thatís all that is new for now, and again sorry Iíve been out for away. Iíll get to all of your sites today. ^-^

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