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Thursday, March 2, 2006

Mardi Gras

Ok, well I’ve had mardi gras!

Sorry I haven’t really been around… but there was stuffs to do. ^-^

I was in a Parade. It was fun, my little sister and the other kids all ran out of beads and toys before we even got to the hot spot of the parade. ^-^ They were asking me for my stash, but I had warned them earlier that if they ran out I wasn’t going to share. They obviously thought I wasn’t an adult or something…shesh. Kids.

^-^ Sorry for the really lame Purple background but when it came to making a Mardi Gras theme I really didn’t know what to do… I really need a scanner.

Oh, I may have a few pictures later … have to get them from the person with the camera though. ^-^

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