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Monday, February 27, 2006


This is what monster is about:
"Dusseldorf, West Germany in 1986. One day, Dr. Kenzo Tenma ignored his boss's order and executed humanitarian rescue of a man's child. That's how this horrible story begins!!"
Dr. Kenzo Tenma is a young Japanese doctor working in DŁsseldorf in the 80s. A highly accomplished surgeon, he appears to have everything on his plate: a promotion in the offing and the favor of the director of the hospital, Heinemann, and his daughter Eva as his fiancťe. However, Tenma grows increasingly dissatisfied with the political bias of the hospital for treating patients, and seizes his chance to change things after a strange massacre brings the twins Johan and Anna Liebert into his hospital. Johan has a gunshot wound to the head and Anna keeps muttering about killing, and Tenma decides to operate on Johan instead of a prominent politician. Johan is saved, but the politician dies. Tenma loses all his social standing and Eva as a consequence. However, Heinemann and other doctors in Tenma's way are mysteriously murdered, and both children disappear from the hospital soon after. The police suspect Tenma, as he benefits greatly from this turn of events, but have no evidence, and so can do no more than question him.

Now, itís almost the end of Mardi Gras, so Iíve been doing stuffs. Um, nothing really new. Iíve just sort of been floating and chilling out.

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