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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Monster O.o

Ah, yesterday I had the greatest time cleaning the oven for my parents…


Lets see…

Monster is also a very good anime… you guys should check it out just like Mushi-shi…To answer some of your questions about Mushi-shi:

1. It just came out this fall
2. Ginko travels along because he’s the Mushi-shi(which is sorta like an exorcist he except he fixes problems that the Mushi cause and doesn’t usually kill them just tries to solve the problem that occurs because of them because they don’t mean any harm.)
3. No episode relates to the next episode…(kinda like the twilight zone or some other show there is no main plot line.)

I’ve been playing Dragon Quest VI … its pretty fun…the stories ok… I like Chrono Trigger more…but this one isn’t to bad…

Oh! Mardi Gras is next Tuesday so I’m going to make a special background for the day! ^_^

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Question: Would you steal food if you were starving and poor, and there wasn't anyway for you to possibly find or get food legally?

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