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Sunday, June 12, 2005

me+camp+sun=not a comfortable bed, and lots of sunburn
hello i just got back from camp, and i must admit i got alot of Sun hahaS it was Fun though hang-ness came with me and that made me royaly haPPy well yeah i got a few bumps and bruises from canoe-ing and having to get out to move the canoe because it would get stuck in these big treeS hahaS it hurts though bu it hurts more to smile (my F-A-C-E hurts hahaS) we had a bunch of freekin junk food, you just dont know, my aunt brought a huge box full for me and hang-ness and i brought a little WaLMart bag full, god i feel cheep, hahaS not really, anyway while we were gone the leader of the youth group got a "while you were out" thing (people from the church changed her backyard, they put flowers and this big..um cover thing like those little things yu sit under and it looks EXPENCIVE ((i cant spell)) hahaS..yeah well she should know by now so yeah,) and this one guy asked me out T.T............*bad vibes* well yeah every night at 11 we would go outside by the fire and eat smores and whatnots (hahaS i used wesleys saying **and whatnots**) yeah it was fun and then a 12 in the morning we would all play games, it was tight we hadt to build a tower out of cheese puffs...talk about yumm, we kept eating ours so it wasnt that tall , hahaS and we played pool (hahah not very christian right? you should have seen the clock and some of the things on the wall ** budweiser stuff hahaS cracked me up** i am so bored now, but i had a great time, not to metion our last night we saw a few BoBCaTs freaky, i saw a flash of eyes and i thought it was a light bug or something, but um, it was a huge dangerous fast, climbing, killing machine...i though its eyes were pretty though, hahaS until wes and brennan told me that it was indeed a bob cat...TT.TT i ran away hahaS i mean i walked casually away ^^" yeah well i had fun, and i got my share of sunburn..i no longer like the sun anymore..its so freeking mean..i never get sunburn...i will get my revenge...the sun is onmy LIST muwhahahahaha..anyway yeah...and the shower thing was completely see-through..i was freaking out and put big towels over the front and stuff..gee im smart...the water was far from see-through in the lake-river-creek thing where we swam and canoe-ed but yeah i had a..whats that word oh yeah a BLAST heh heh..i freaked out a few people..hehe hehe yeah thats me..i ate smores for the first time ever ^^ well i ate the cereal before..completely different though...teeheehee belive me hahaS... well i hope this doesnt turn out to long because you would waste your prescious time reading my boreing thing..post..freakish thing..and i would hate to bother you..hahaS hang-ness came to my house right after the camping thing, and stayed over for a few hours and we watched a little anime, and i played a little piano.. ^^'' talk about boring right? but it was fun just being with someone who cares..i love this song ^^ lalalala..but when we were camping (why do i say camping..sheesh we had 2 tv's and a pool table a lot of rooms a big kitchen, a dining room , 2 bathrooms, and big beds..lots of jumk food..and belive it or not a big roof over our heads..in other words we were in a cabin) ((with air conditioning..it was freeeeezing))
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