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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hi everyone Iím sooo sorry I havenít visited in the longest time. I also noticed some new changes in the site a ďPorforlioĒ OoOoO and a permalink button?? Donít really get the meaning of what itís supposed to do. Anyways Iím so sad my March Break has ended, well it ended this week! AHHHHH School, well yesterday I had gym and weíre doing dance and well Iím not so much of a good dancer Iím tres slow. So when we had to perform I was kind of one step behind everyone Oops So you would kinda see every on time and me falling behind LOL but it was really fun! Oh and another bad thing about coming back to school the sudden flow of projects coming in NOOOO!! Well I finished one today so whohooo for me but sadly a million more to go T_T. I have this poetry project and as Iíve said before Iím no poet. I wish I could write like some of you could. Anyways happy days to all of you! I also posted a picture of rock Lee up awhile ago in case you didn't know. XxBYEZxX
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