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Monday, March 6, 2006

Hey whats up everyone? School went well today, kinda boring this person came in to talk to us about how to deal with stress. Kinda boring. Oh and guess what? I finished my homework Whoo Hoo, it's good for me I'm always starting so late. I am feeling so annoyed right now though there's this girl at school who thinks she can draw so much better than my friend, although in my opinion I don't think so, she's good but she doen;t have to act like that Sheesh! So I was thinking that you could go check out her deviant accout commenting some of her pics stating that they are good. I just don't want her to start doubting herself. Well if you have time here's the link hereclickhere Well anyways I'll talk to you later Byez!!
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Image hosting by Photobucket

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