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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hey so......
Hey guys!
Haha I've missed you. Sorry for the long disappearence. School is so time consuming. However, having not updated for awhile means that I'll have more exciting posts about everything you've missed ;). Haha hrmm I;ll start with the most recent thing I can remember. Hrm... let's see, ahh I went to Washington for an American history trip it was really great. Loved the shopping teehee but sadly I didn't have lots of time. But I did manage to buy a few shirts and shorts. I also wasted my money buying the necessities I should have packed. I started packing for a 5 day trip the morning of haha (Not a smart idea). But still it was an amazing trip went to see the capital, and white house!! Oo and about the white house after uploading the pictures to my computer I swear you can see the obama family but only if you zoom in real real closee :P. And another highlight of my trip was probably this restaurant that I forget the name of. It was Mexican and I bought some tacos from there best food I've had in a long time don't tell my mom ;) Anyways that's all for now sleeeeepy *yawn* good night ya'll

It had pork of some kind, cheeeeese, tomatoes, letuce. I'm drooling haha I wish i could have one right now.

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