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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hey so......
Ahh sorry I've been kind of neglecting MyOtaku. I've been super busy and overwhelmed with school. Yup that's right, and it's only been week one! This semester is so much worse than my last one. So bad I've just felt like crying. My friends think I always appear sad now too. My math teacher isn't the greatest so I feel like I'm already going to be struggling in that class. English is good but there are sooo many assignment I'm so overwhelmed. I hope I have time for it. I already have an essay that's going to be due in around two weeks. I have to write a personal essay on one of the seven deadly sins and how it relates to me. I'm stuck on ideas, I'm thinking greed just because at times I can have desires for material possessions :P. But anyways. I've just been bombarded with school assignments so it's kinda hectic. I also need to find a dress for a school formal dance that were having but I haven't had the time to go shopping. I could probably wear an old one, but I don't want to. I guess that's another example of my greed right there. Oo

Also I just had my braces tightened. Hahaha yes I have braces! I have to wear them for two and a half years, which just seems like forever. I believe I got them on February 4th of last year so its been a little over a year right now. Also, after my braces are gone, something might get messed up with my jaw so there is a really small chance I might have some sort of jaw surgery. Sounds super scary! Don't want to worry about that now though. But anyways my teeth are still a bit sore from the tightening, not too bad now though haha just had some yummy ice cream!

Anyways I'll try and update at least once a week, and promise to check up on all your sites.

Also thanks to everyone who checked out my artwork and if you havent go do it now!! Haha pleeease.

Bye Now!

Question: What's your seven deadly sin? And how do you display it?



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