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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hey so......
It's really weird to see that I'm not the only thing that has changed. Theotaku is completely different from what I rememberd. Kinda confusing but I'm getting used to it!

Err anyways its the weekend yay! I have work though, which isnt a bad thing except that its from 12-4 with is a good shift because its busy, but bad because it cuts into my FUN time haha. Oh by the way i work now! Haha that's definately something that changed since the last time you heard of me. I work in clothing! It's still my first job too, haha I remember I was so happy when I got the job, YAY for a source of income! My income kind of sucks at the moment though just because since getting a new manager, the amount of hours Im getting to work each week is getting smaller. So I end up working only one day a week for like 4.5 hours which means not a lot of money lol. There was one occasion too where I came in but got to leave early because it was so dead (snow storm that day) so I got payed like less than $20 that week.

Also on another note I added some stuff to my portfolio! Got a little excited and posted up 3 things some old and new. I'd super appreciate if you commented on any of them! I warn you though the quality's a little wacko just because I don't have a scanner and instead have to take a picture of it then brighten up the image. I had fun editing the "You can Suck My Blood" picture, giving it a red tinge. Don't get confufused though because I decided not to post that one up. I'll post it here though just in case your interested. Thanks and take care!


Yay Zero!

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