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Friday, January 30, 2009

Hey so......
Wow I really havent come here in so long. It's literally been like years. Some of it is really embarassing going back and reading some of the things I wrote. Heh makes me feel all grown up. I guess I've changed quite a bit. I also noticed that after i stopped blogging here I stopped watching anime. Although I never lost interest, I just never had the time. One of the big reasons I came to visit is beause of the huge amount of time I have. I just finished exams so I have a week off well less than a week now, I go back monday. it'll be the beginning of my second semester. Oh dear like the first day of school all over again. My classes are math, american history, religion, and english. I'm really dreading math the most, my friend just previously had this teacher and found him really hard. I'm really scared because math is definately not my strong point and my friend got like a 70ish in that class. This wouldnt be too bad except for the fact that she is usually a 90 student in math. Hope that doesnt mean I'll drop to like 50. Ahh can't think about that anymore, on a good note I am super excited for american history always loved history and as a plus there will be a trip to Washington! I am super excited we'll have a whole day dedicated to shopping too. I believe I'll be going in May but it's something to look forward too haha. Religion might be interesting this year just because it's world religions, and english is english. Maybe my english will improve if I continue to write here haha. How great would that be?

Anyways I should be in bed now, i have a messed up sleeping pattern as it is. I stay up late, take a nap during the day and repeat. Although today I needed a nap only because the night before I was tossing and turning and woke up feeling like a car had run over me. This is because we had been hit by a lot of snow, or enough snow for a snow day! Oh man but you know what sucks I didnt have to go to school that day anyways. I seriously believe the school board puts snow days on completely unecessary days purposely. This has happened twice now already. Grr but anyways going back on topic, because I was home alone I needed to shovel the driveway just so my dad could get the car on the driveway without gettting stuck. I was so proud of myself too because I was able to do it all by myself. However, now my muscles are sore all over. I could barely move today. My back is aching and my left arm felt dislocated, haha I tried not to use it today.
*looks at time*

Ahh okay I should end this now before I put you all to sleep. I'll probably comment you guys before sleeping I owe you. I'll try super hard to come back tomorrow too. I really enjoyed coming back :)


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