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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hey so......
I am really hungry right now, both my parents went away for a wedding so my brother and I are stuck here. Darn. But at least my grandparents are here to feed me haha, although were slowy running out of our food supply. I should learn how to cook, I remember when I was little I was so afraid to use the stove and anything dangerous, I like half cried when my brother would use a small knife cause I thought he would hurt himself. But yes having my grandparents here does have its disadvantages like no one can drive me places which sucks, I have to walk everywhere which can be tiring especially when it's hot blahh. And while I am here working my butt off with school, they're probably like relaxing and doing nothing. But no worries its kind of nice to have some time away from them,my mother is so overprotective it's like Ahhh

You know what makes me happy the fact that all my favourite shows are coming back on TV. Have any of you ever heard of the show "Aliens in America" it's pretty funny, it's about this kid who has no friends so his mother imports a person to be his friend fro another country. It's hilarious you should watch it it's very good. It's new too so you don't need to catch up on much. I haven't watched a lot of anime in a while, I think it's cause I don't know what to watch, my TV has like nothing on it and I can' find a series that I can really stick to. Bye bye for now, see you probably thought you would only hear from me once and then never come back on again but I'm getting better!! Hehe
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