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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 02/18/04:

Really fun!

Anime fun chick!
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Result Posted on 02/17/04:

You are an angel of love. You are someone who cant
help but look for someone to love. When you
find that person, everthing in the world is
perfect to you. you have no reason to worry
anymore once your soulmate has been given to
you. The other problem is that you are too
nice, and your heartbreaks tend to be a
horrible thing. Just wait a while for it...

What Different Kind of Angel are you...? ( Anime-ish pics )
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Result Posted on 02/17/04:

Result Posted on 02/17/04:

Order of Life
The Order of Life

You are tranquil and optimistic. You have a kind
and generous arua about you that attracts the
people you love to be with. You are able to see
the light inside everything and would never
harm another living creature.

Which of The Four Orders are you? (anime)
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Result Posted on 02/17/04:

You are a classical writer, taking after the forms
of Shakespearian sonnets and Emily Dickinson's
apparent lack of meter and rhyme. Your teacher
always told you that you should have been born
in 18th century England--and perhaps you should
have been! Then you could be a literary genius
now! Stuck in the classical-romantic era,
Shakespeare is your idol and role model. Your
favorite language is old English, and you're
actually quite fluent. Someone with class,
style, and quite a bit of intelligence as well,
I'll wager. :)

What's YOUR Writing Style?
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Result Posted on 02/17/04:

You are like Kero! funny and smart and quite
cheerful; you are loved by many and like to
spend jokes on others but if needed you can be

Which Card Captor Sakura guardian are you?
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Result Posted on 02/16/04:

Horo-Horo is the boy for you!
Horo-Horo He may come from the snowy mountains, but he has a
warm heart. True love often starts from a good
friendship, and he knows how to make you laugh
and have a good time. He's also very concerned
with ecologic problems, let's take care of
Nature together.

What Shaman King boy is your perfect match? (for girls)
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Result Posted on 02/16/04:

You are Midou Ban!
You are Midou Ban! You're sometimes too rude, but
you work hard to get what you want, or what you
deserve. Once you make friends with someone,
you wholly believe in their abilities, but that
doesn't stop you from being protective of those
you hold dear.

Get Backers Personality Quiz
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Result Posted on 02/16/04:

Evil Eye!
Don't look at me! I don't want to have a nightmare!
You have something called Jyagan or Evil Eye.
You also have another ability...a 200 KG Grip,
pretty impressive.

What Get Backers Power Do You Have?
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Result Posted on 02/15/04:

I'm a tamer!
You're the tamer / summoner! As a child you either
grew up surrounded by animals or discovered
that you had a strong affinity with them. As a
result of this strange bond, all forms of
wildlife have become very dear to you, and you
probably encounter the party while walking
through the forest with some of your furry
friends. The area where you live will probably
be endangered soon afterwards, and you join
forces with the hero in order to protect it.
You are a valuable ally to your companions due
to your ability to not only be able to call
ferocious animals such as bears to your aid,
but also mystical and legendary creatures such
as dragons as well. Having grown up surrounded
by all sorts of various creatures, you are not
too good with dealing with other humans in the
beginning, although this changes once you start
spending time interacting with the rest of the
party. You hold a deep respect for the world
and all things in it, and wish nothing more
than to be able to keep everything you love
safe and protected. Because of this you may
prove to be a bit self-sacrificial if the need
arises, although you have such good friends,
humans and otherwise, that they will do
everything they can to make sure a time like
that never comes.

What Female Fantasy Archetype Are You? (For girls-->Results are anime pics!)
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