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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Time of post: 12:06 pm of June 29th

*deep sigh* I think I'm stressed. I'm not sure if I really am, but yeah... ~_~ I don't even know why. It may have something to do with some posts I read, but I'm pretty sure it's more than that.

I hate this...

Surprise, surprise. I skipped my morning run again. I just wasn't feeling too well. And I woke up late too. I guess I knew I wouldn't be able to get up early, so last night I decided to just take a break this entire week, and then I'll start my training next week. That should suffice for my lack of enthusiasm. Although I was really hoping to start as soon as possible. Oh well...

>__< I'm so sorry you guys. I shouldn't be feeling this way. I'm just getting more and more annoyed with the way I'm acting. *sigh*

This is going to be short. I'm not up for much anymore. I did get to sites though, so at least I'm done with that. I think I'll just rest for a while or maybe sleep this whole thing off.

*hugs everyone tightly* Gomen. I'm sure it'll go away by tonight. I just need some rest. Take care, you guys. Have a wonderful day, okay?

Thanks for reading. Ja ne.

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